Mobile Bookkeeping Document Manager APP.

Customized for  truckers with two-to-five trucks that requires Quarterly  and year-end tax reporting support.

This group of Truckers simply use their Smart Phone to take pictures of the bookkeeping business papers and click the SEND-Mail link in the APP, to for process management and quarterly reporting.



This way truckers will use their phone or tablet to manage the source documents and the bookkeeping process management from their phone and have bookkeeping result data financial reports delivered to their phone or Tablet.

This will make it easy for truckers to always know their operating result numbers without bookkeeping experience.

This also allows trucker to provide their accountant with bookkeeping ready Data and reports to do the tax filings, instead of paper source documents to process and store


Fleet Managers today are moving from Paper Docs to Email Docs as the new way to send their Owner Operators, yard expense receipts and Broker Settlement Statements.

Truckers using the Doc Manager APP will be ready for this change. This APP includes an in-box data capture feature

This feature, allow truckers to select files from their inbox and upload to us for bookkeeping process management.


Truckers Mobile Bookkeeping Manager App.

Customized for owner operator truckers with one truck, to allow them to  manage their bookkeeping from their Phone

This group of Truckers will use their Android Phone or device to snap pictures of the bookkeeping business  papers and click SEND-MAIL to upload the business papers for bookkeeping processing and reports on their phone



From the bookkeeping information processed, truckers receive a set of operating result reports at the end of each bookkeeping process month.

These reports are delivered to the truckers phone or Tablet, to make it easy for them to know their operating result numbers, without bookkeeping experience. 

Available support include:

1- Document Upload From PC system


         3- Tax Compliance Reporting

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