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Truckers bookkeeping training Seminar IN Barbados

This is a hands-on bookkeeping management training workshop for truckers and their family, that is held in Barbados.

This seminar is designed to provide Truckers and their Spouse with the software and bookkeeping skills needed to do your own bookkeeping management using truckersbooks software in a relaxed atmosphere. 

During this training sessions in Barbados, we will work with truckers and their Spouse to help them master the bookkeeping data capture and report printing process, including the GST/HST Net-Filing process.

This will show truckers who attend the seminar-workshop, how to know their numbers at the bottom-line on a monthly basis and have professional financial reports without having to call their accountant or bookkeeper.

Truckers attending this seminar workshop in Barbados, will return home with the skills needed to easily take control of the bookkeeping side of trucking and the professional management of the source documents and the quarterly tax filings.

Seminar Duration:  3.5 Days.  (Three and a half days)

Seminar Fee Per Attendee: $500.00

Weekly Seminar Schedule

Friday:          9:30 am to 1:30 pm

Saturday:    1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Sunday:         9:30 am to 1:00 pm

Monday:        9:30 am to 11:00 pm

Seminar Schedule designed to make it easy for Truckers to take time-off to attend the seminar without losing a lot of trucking for profit downtime. 

Truckers can arrive in Barbados on a Thursday, attend the seminar on Friday through to Monday and catch their flight back to home base Monday afternoon between 2:30 and 4:30 and be back in the truck on Tuesday.

What’s included?

Setup of the TruckersBooks Software on your laptop computer

Create the monthly bookkeeping workbooks for the business year. (12 months)

Provide software user orientation to make it easy for truckers to use the software

On the road using their laptop computer or from home on a home computer.

Hands-on software bookkeeping management training

How to enter and process the monthly bookkeeping source documents.

How to process Broker Statements

How to process Income Invoices and expense invoice and receipts.

      After Seminar Recreation Opportunity Discounts


Discounted green fees -   18 holes two days

► Discounted cart rental -   2 people two days

► Discounted Golf lessons - 2 people 1 hour, 2 days

We will walk you through the various reports in the system including the GST/HST net filing ready report and how to merge the monthly report to create the quarterly returns..

At this offshore bookkeeping management training session in Barbados, will walk you through the GST/HST audit management features and reports and the year-end reports system designed for your accountant or bookkeeper and how to extract and send them these reports by email or fax.

Day three will include a feedback session to answer questions related to tax deductions, and how to provide tax auditors with professional reports to encourage desk audits.

Measurable Benefits

At the end of the training session in Barbados, you will have a professional bookkeeping system in place that requires no bookkeeping experience yet you will be able to easily keep your books up to date from home or while on the road.

In addition, you will know your business numbers from the operating result statements created by the system from the bookkeeping information you enter each month.

Reports you will learn to access and use include:

Profit-Loss, Cash Flow and More Click this Reports link to view sample reports

Plus, this resort seminar workshop will allow truckers to eliminate the need to pack and ship original or copies of their business papers to accountants or bookkeepers for processing.


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  Registration Details

  At the time of registration, a deposit of $185.00 is required.

Soon after we receive your registration, we will send you a welcome package with information such as a set of hotels contact information to allow you to book your hotel reservation and accommodation.  We will also include the local contact phone numbers and the free ground transportation information.

If required, we will recommended a travel agency in Toronto that books travel to Barbados on a regular basis. 

We will also include a listing of events in Barbados during your time in Barbados to allow you to factor in the opportunity for some real fun in the sun.

The balance of the fee of $315.00 is due the first day of the seminar, in Barbados.

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  call us for more details if required

     ► Call: Phone: (905) 477-7773  -  or -- USA: (516) 515-7691

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