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Live On-Line Software bookkeeping Support


Online Live Support is designed to make it easy for truckers using our software to get up to speed using the system fast and enjoy the benefits of taking control of the bookkeeping management process.

Our FREE live support service system, allows us to work with our users online, sitting at their computer and walk them through the steps for entering their bookkeeping income and expenses, as well as help them master the software bookkeeping process.

The Support Overview

When you purchase the software we will help you master the software bookkeeping process with our free online orientation session. This way you will save time and begin entering your income and expenses as soon as you are ready masterfully.

In addition, live support also function as a bookkeeping trainer.  This way, you can bring your bookkeeping and tax related questions to an appointment and get professional consultation help.

Here is how it works

After you purchase the software, we send you a download link to download the software to your computer. Once you have downloaded the software, read the welcome letter and then go to the menu page and preview the features.

Next if you think you need a tutorial guide, use the link below.

demo tutorial:  

With the tutorial you should be able to begin working.

However, if you still feel you need some orientation help, go ahead and book an online orientation session to help you master the software and bookkeeping process.. 

Appointments can be Monday through Saturday, From 10am to 5pm EST. - To Book Call:

► Canadian Truckers - Call: (905) 477-7773

USA Truckers:         Call: (516) 515-7691

NOTE: When you book an appointment, send us the following information if applicable:

A copy of one of your Broker Statement or Driver Settlement you wish to get started working with. 

In addition, send us up to 5-expense copies of receipts or invoices.  This should include:

(1) A Diesel Fuel Purchased Receipt.

(2) A Truck Repairs or Similar Receipt

(3) A Tires and/or Repairs Receipt

(4) Copy of a Meals Receipt

(5) Copy of an Home Office Expense Invoice

This way, after the orientation session, you will be in charge of your bookkeeping and know how to professionally convert your bookkeeping information from paper to professional financial and Tax filing ready reports.

You will know how to manage the source documents so as to be tax audit ready.

This way, in the event of an audit, no need to panic your TAX Audit will be hassle-free.

One of our Software support Accountants will be waiting your call. 

Please be on time or notify us the day before the appointment if you will not be able to keep the appointment.

This way you will free-up the accountant designated to work with you, to work with another trucker in that time slot.

how to book live support help

CALL or E-MAIL us to book a time when you can be at your computer with the software open to the worksheet question or help you need. if you sent us an email, we will send you a reply confirming the date and time requested or an alternative. confirmation the date and time and we will be read to work with you on the day.

On the day, please make sure you are sitting before your computer with the software open and ready for us to work with you. Keep in mind, if you are unable to keep the appointment, call us the day before to cancel or reschedule your session.

This live support service will allow you to work from home or while on the road at a truck stop or rest stop.

You will be able to eliminate the monthly bookkeeping service fees and save money by being able to take control of the monthly bookkeeping process.

You will be able to provide your accountant or bookkeepers with your bookkeeping information as data instead of paper for tax services

Our mission is to empower owner operator truckers to professionally manage the bookkeeping-side of trucking without bookkeeping experience and have a set of professional financial and tax reports on a monthly basis without any bookkeeping experience or having to call a bookkeeper or accountant.


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