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TruckersBooks Software Overview

Welcome to TruckersBooks Software Version-8 2014 System Overview.

This version of the software has been enhanced to further expand the bookkeeping management capabilities of the software and the user experience so that truckers using the software will find it easy to take control of the bookkeeping side of their business of trucking without bookkeeping experience.

This bookkeeping system is customized for truckers with all of the trucking industry and truckers related income and expense categories in easy to view columns.  This way, any trucker that can type information into columns on a spreadsheet will be able to become their own bookkeeping information manager.

This means that every trucker can use this software to cut their bookkeeping service cost and save money off the annual bookkeeping service cost they would usually pay to their bookkeeper or accountant.

Keep in mind that your bookkeeper or accountant will be happy to find that you are converting your income and receipts paper documents into bookkeeping data so they will no longer have to receive paper documents to sort, set-up and process. Instead they will receive your bookkeeping information as DATA instead of PAPER.

In addition we have built into the system a unique TruckersBooks Software document upload feature to simplify the support help system, so that in the event that a user encounters a features problem, users will be able to simply click the upload link in the software from any worksheet and upload the workbook to us for review help.

The links titled “Send-Tbooks” or “Upload-to-Tbooks” are designed to make it easy for users of the software to send us a copy of the workbook for any support reason with the already entered data intact, to make it easy for us to replicate or explain any feature in the system that a user encountered and need help to use.

This way, if a user encounters a problem with any worksheet and after visiting the user guide page, was unable to get the information they needed, they would simply use the upload link to send us the workbook, with a note in the upload system message box.

Once we receive a support request, one of our support accountants will call you and with you at your computer, walk you through the procedure if applicable.

If the problem is software related, we will use the information from the copy of the software uploaded to replicate the problem and fix it in your copy and send this back to you so you can continue working and not having to re-enter your data.

In addition, using the information from the fix if applicable, we will allow us to enhance our system and send you a new master for doing your bookkeeping going forward.

We thank you for your interest in the TruckersBooks Software.  If you are a current user we know that this new version of the software will enrich your user experience.

If you are a trucker not currently using TruckersBooks Software, we encourage you to get started using this system.  It will make your bookkeeping easy, it will allow you to eliminate the need to package and ship your original documents to your bookkeeping service provider across town or across the country.

So become a user TODAY and take control the management of your bookkeeping information and know your numbers on a monthly basis and have professional reports without having to call your bookkeeper.

IFTA data Support

This is an included feature in the software.  If you’re trucking requirements included having to provide your Carrier with Driver Trip Report information for IFTA compliance reporting, this information management feature will simplify this reporting task.

This way, using TruckersBooks Software will eliminate the need to prepare and fill-out the Paper Driver Trip Report Form. You will instead, simply enter the required information into the Driver trip report worksheet in the system and print an IFTA Summary from the IFTA Summary report worksheet and provide this to your Carrier IFTA management or to your IFTA service provider.


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