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We are the leading provider of paperless bookkeeping for Owner-operator Truckers today.

We founded one of the  first bookkeeping for truckers business in Toronto in 1980.

In 2008, we decided to go paperless and invested in the development of a variety of online bookkeeping service delivery technology tools to make it easy for truckers to embrace the paperless bookkeeping management concept.

Under this service system, truckers would no longer need to ship their business papers  to us for bookkeeping processing and tax reporting.

Instead, they would use our online tools to scan and upload or fax-to-upload documents for bookkeeping to us.

In addition, to further simplify the bookkeeping process management of small receipts for truckers, we created a customized bookkeeping software for Truckers that would allow them to do their own bookkeeping information data capture, without bookkeeping experience.

This way, they could capture their bookkeeping source document business papers and small receipts expense information and easily send us data instead of paper.

Since truckers spend 95% of their business time on the road and acquire most expense receipts on the road, we further created an online system to allow them to easily secure the data in the small receipts they receive for diesel fuel and meals purchases using our online system.

This way, they get to eliminating the potential for lost deductions from faded receipts

With these paperless bookkeeping support tools in place and working well, we decided to refocus our business mission from being a full service bookkeeping business, to function as a bookkeeping process management service company.

This way, we would no longer provide year end tax services to truckers, but instead, we would focus on providing bookkeeping process management services to truckers using our bookkeeping software and to accountants and bookkeepers with owner operator trucking clients.

In addition, since we already have a strong truckers bookkeeping marketing presence on the internet, truckers looking for full service bookkeeping and tax services, would be referred to accountants and bookkeepers in our directory of accountants network.

This way, we would provide accountants with the opportunity to outsource their truckers bookkeeping data capture and focus on providing the required tax services.

This would give accountants the opportunity for unlimited growth of their truckers bookkeeping service, knowing they will not have to grow their staff or infrastructure cost, to manage the required document processing and data capture.

This way, we bring to accountants with owner operator truckers bookkeeping clients, our over 25 years of truckers bookkeeping experience that will allow accountants to outsource this business process with confidence, knowing that we have the hands-on experience to bring value as their undisclosed outsource business partner.

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