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The Value Proposition

We can relieve you of the paper intensive part of the truckers bookkeeping process by converting the paper invoices and receipts you receive from truckers, in envelopes and storage boxes, into customized financial reports and deposit these on our cloud server for you to download as required.

As an extension to the automated client acquisition and leads generation services we provide to accountants, we have positioned our company to leverage our over 30 Years experience providing bookkeeping services to truckers in Canada and the USA, to provide bookkeeping support to accountants who provide bookkeeping service to owner operator truckers in Canada and the USA.

This support service is ideal for accountants and bookkeepers who would like to delegate the time consuming pre-tax bookkeeping information processing aspect of the bookkeeping service they provide to owner operator truckers, to an experienced and dedicated bookkeeping service provider instead of hiring bookkeepers and saddling your cash flow with payroll related tax and infrastructure management and expenses.

This service will help accountants move their bookkeeping for truckers data capture processing system from Paper, to-tax-ready DATA and reports.

This way, we would do the bookkeeping and leave accountants free to provide their trucking industry clients with the required Accounting and Tax Services in a paperless environment without any new investment in technology or service delivery system or infrastructure.

Our bookkeeping support system offers accountants a real opportunity to grow their truckers bookkeeping and tax services revenues and client base, without having to grow their staff and service delivery costs. 

In addition, we have already invested in some unique paperless bookkeeping technology and service systems that we would deploy to bring real support value to accountants.

■  Our Scan and Upload System

■  Our Toll-Free Fax upload system

Our Smart phone document delivery system  

Our T-Books Software data delivery system

This service will allow accountants to focus on building a large client base of independent truckers, by being able to take on an unlimited number of clients from the trucking industry without the paper processing hassles.

For accountants currently receiving paper invoices and receipts in envelopes and boxes on a monthly or quarterly basis, you can elect to send these to us for processing using our fax upload system and have us send you back the data in a spreadsheet bookkeeping format with ready financial reports.

How to send us the business information for processing

Standard size paper can be sent using our fax upload
system or the customized scan and upload system

Small receipts such as Diesel fuel and meals receipts, can be sent by Fax, By upload or by using a Smart Phone to take pictures and upload using our customized internet upload portal.

► Meals and Diesel fuel small receipts can be sent using our online data capture system.

    Click the link to peruse: Click Here to Preview the system


we encourage accountants to delegate this task to their clients by having the client submit these expenses using their fax machine or smart phones.

The online system is easy to use, it allows truckers to simply go to the webpage, from anywhere and enter the expense amount from the receipt or invoice bottom-line and click submit.

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