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Bookkeeping Support

Without changing accountants

Simply Use TruckersBooks Software to do your own the bookkeeping data capture and leave your accountant free to do the tax filings

This service is Ideally suited for Truckers looking for a an easy, convenient low cost way to do their own bookkeeping information data processed each month and the opportunity to have access to monthly and quarterly financial reports, so as to know the numbers, without having to call their accountant or bookkeeper.

How it works:

Truckers would purchase a copy of TruckersBooks software and enter the business operating income and expense information receives from clients and Broker trucking companies, into the customized bookkeeping fields in the software.

No Columns to total

No Columns to add

No experience required.

Truckers using the software will capture the business incomes and expenses from anywhere, anytime, hassle-free, without having to call an accountant or bookkeeper.

Instead, we provide bookkeeping support just a phone call away.

On a monthly/quarterly basis, you receive all of the bookkeeping related information from the carrier you work with.  So here is my question?  With your copy of TruckersBooks Software installed on your computer, why not, open the software and enter your incomes and expenses at your convenience.

The software will generate a set of operating result financial reports from information you entered that will allow you to always know your numbers.

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Software Support 

We provide user support help to make it easy for truckers to master the, do your own bookkeeping process, and leave your accountant to do the tax filings.

We will make it easy for you to work with your accountant. Instead of sending them paper to do your bookkeeping, you will make it easy for you to provide them with your bookkeeping results, as data, instead of paper





If you do not have a CPA Accountant to do your tax filings,

we will have an accountant from our Directory of Accountants Network located near you provide the required tax services.

if applicable TruckersBooks in-house CPA will do the tax filings.

A year-end fee will apply for Canadian Truckers.

 ► Personal Tax - T1, and  ► Corporation Tax T2- if applicable

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