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Catch-Up and Clean-Up Bookkeeping Support

If you are behind with your bookkeeping

we can help. we will put you back on track.

We will take your Original Bookkeeping source documents and do the required bookkeeping and information processing to bring your books up to date and ready for your accountant to do the tax filings.

After we do the bookkeeping, we send you the bookkeeping results as financial and tax reporting ready reports, including operating analysis.

We also send you, or your accountant, a file copy of your business paper source documents in pdf file format, to support future audits and return the original document you sent us at the end of each qurter.

Click Here to Preview the Demo PDF

This way, in the event of an audit, your accountant will have a copy of the business papers source document as images, to support the tax filing numbers, without having to call you to provide copies of invoices

This service ideal for:

Truckers looking to reduce their bookkeeping fees

Accountants looking for catch-up support

How to retain this service

Click the contact us link and provide the required information and one of our accountants will contact you to answer any question you may have and arrange for you to send the business papers to our office in Barrie.

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