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The service and the benefits to accountants and bookkeepers is a story and a journey that started in 1979.

The Story:

July 2008 I decided after over 30 years providing bookkeeping and tax services to truckers and small business clients, I decided to retire.

However, along the way I learned that the life expectancy after retirement is one to two years unless you have a new plan. So it is said, if you wish to live long do never retire unless you have a new plan and a mission to wake up to every day.

So I want to live long, but not doing bookkeeping. So I decided to create a service that would utilize my over 30 years of acquiring clients for my own bookkeeping business and create a company to provide accountant and bookkeepers with a dedicated client acquisition marketing and promotion service to connect them accounting and bookkeeping clients looking for their next accountant.

With this plan I discovered a new passion.

However, crating a company to utilize my over 30 years of client acquisition service experience, also highlighted the fact that although I did not wish to be hands-on providing bookkeeping service to truckers, I had accumulated a wealth of knowledge that could be converted into an easy-to-use bookkeeping software that would help truckers move their bookkeeping from paper to data and help them save money.

With this plan in mind, I semi-retire to Barbados, learn to play Golf, enjoy a stress free life while working on the development of the new business, the software and the websites.

TruckersBooks is the software business created during the semi-retirement, with a client acquisition division Accountants.CA Services, to function as a available network of accountants looking for new clients to provide the software users with quarterly and year-end accounting and tax services.

The TruckersBooks Software was designed to reduce the monthly bookkeeping needs of the users, who will be able to easily send their accountant their bookkeeping files as data instead of paper.

This was also designed to move more bookkeeping clients from paper to paperless which will benefit accountants who will be able to provide services to these clients receiving data instead of paper.

With this segment of the business plan completed and implemented, I decided to create a direct to potential client service system that would reach into the Small Business and Trucking industry and bring clients to connect with accountant and bookkeepers who listed their practice or bookkeeping business in our accountants network.

The division, Find-an-accountant-neat-you.

However, we know that accountants today would prefer to work with client in a paperless environment so as to increase productivity and eliminate the need to receive paper documents in envelopes and shoe boxes.

As a result, we have made all of the online paperless systems we created tools that accountant listed in our network can use to work with their clients in a paperless environment without having to invest in new infrastructure and website programming to get information and/or to send tax returns to their clients.  See online Services.

This group of services will bring more clients to accountant and bookkeepers in our network than any other marketing or online directory listing service being used by accountant and bookkeepers to advertise their services to get new clients.

In addition, this service will cost less than $0.60 per day.

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