Sending your business papers to us


Always include a copy of the document sending cover sheet.

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As you obtain receipts and invoices from your various service providers, if the document does not identify the type of expense, (ie: Diesel Fuel) you know what type of expense it is, so simply write on the receipt or invoice the type of expense represented by the receipt.

This way when you send the document to us, we will know what type of expense it is at a glance and where in your bookkeeping chart-of-account classification it belongs.

This way, the quarterly financial reports we send you, will be more meaningful.

This will make it easy for you to know your numbers at a glance and what each expense represents as a percentage of gross income.

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Diesel fuel

Auto Expense

Truck repairs 


Always include copies of the following documents.

Bank Statements

Tax information/forms

Support Auto Exp

Home Office Exp

Getting Started

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If you are ready to get started using our service, the accountants will  arrange to set up your business on our system and walk you through "How to Send us your business papers using the system best suited for you and your business.

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