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We provide a secure upload link for you to send to your clients, to allow Truckers to send us their business papers source documents, for bookkeeping processing by scanning and uploading the documents to us.

As part of this support service, we customize the system to send you a copy of the files received as pdf images, so you will have what we have and know what is being processed.


To make it easy for truckers to send us the business papers from anywhere, anytime as images, we will provide you with a customized Toll-Free Fax-Upload Telephone number for you to deploy to your clients to Fax-send their business papers source documents to us for bookkeeping, using any fax machine. 


Small receipts is a challenge since they get lost easily or the information fades which looses the trucker the expense deduction as well as for Canadian Truckers, the ITC.

Truckers using the Doc-scan system, can scan and upload these receipts also.  However, it can be time consuming

Alternatively, Truckers can go to our on-line Small Receipts portal and enter the expense amounts and click the send info link to send us the numbers.  The system will send the trucker a summary of the expense information submitted.

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