The paper documents Fax upload System


Using any FAX Machine from anywhere, in Canada or the United States, Fax your business papers for bookkeeping processing and tax preparation to us.

You can Fax daily, weekly or monthly

We provide a Fax cover sheet at the service start up, with your client account number.

Always add your name and business name to Fax cover sheet and the send date

When sending batches, keep the total pages per batch at 25 pages maximum.


The scan and upload paper documents delivery system

This is also an easy to use way to send us your business papers using the scan and upload system created to help our clients manage the bookkeeping-side of trucking in a paperless environment.

Just scan your paper documents and save them to your desktop

Next click the upload link:

   and follow the upload instructions; This feature is ideal for use in sending us:

Meals, Fuel Purchase and other small receipts

Click the following Link to see the "How to" Demo Online.


This feature is also ideal for use with your smart phone:

1 - Simply take a picture with your Smartphone.

2 - Click on the upload link provided below

►  Click here to view upload instructions online



No postage or courier fees to pay

Your originals never leave your home or office

No chance of your documents getting lost in the mail

Under this service system, we maintain backup copies of your business papers.

This way, in the event of an audit getting copies to the auditor is a no-hassle event.


No Need to store documents to be assembled at the end of each month or quarter to send to us. 

Fax your documents for processing to us any day, anytime

Fax documents daily as received. 

This way, at the end of each business day of trucking, instead of filing the invoices and receipts for the day, just place them on the fax and eliminate double handling. 

This way, when you file the documents in your storage box they are filed forever.

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