Attention Truckers Accountants

Thank you for your interest in our document sending procedures.

This files upload system is designed to make it easy for accountants to delegate the bookkeeping paper source documents delivery system to your truckers bookkeeping clients and have them send the business papers for bookkeeping data processing to us.

This way, you will eliminate the need to receive the business papers at your office and having to do any type of prep-work to scan and send to us.

Keep in mind that as part of service agreement, we will send you a copy of the documents received as pdf files direct to your inbox so you will have the opportunity to review any or all source documents sent to us by your clients.

This will also eliminate the need to allocate storage space and the cost to store source documents in file cabinet's in your office to be prepped and shipped back to your clients at some future date.

The good news our system is easy to use. Your clients will not need to memorize passwords to use the system.  Once you outsource a client bookkeeping to us, we send you the upload file system link to send to your client or we can send it if you prefer.


How to use the upload system

►Scan and save your documents to your computer desktop

►or save your documents as a pdf file on your desktop

Click the document upload link

This will open the upload link - Pictured Below




1- Click Browse

This will pop-up a files-select Box on your computer to allow you to select the file-or-files you scanned and saved to your desk-top ready to send to us.

Select the file and click OPEN

The system will place the file-or-files into the ATTACH FILES box.

2- Add your email address

Include a message in the message box if you need to

Enter your Name or Business Name

3- Click the SEND ALL FILES link


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