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  How the Service Works!

Our bookkeeping and tax accounting-side of trucking management system is uniquely customized to professionally manage the bookkeeping and timely quarterly tax filings and the year-end tax accounting process for truckers, under a dual account management system.

This way, you will have a bookkeeping account manager and a year-end tax account manager who will provide the required services in an atmosphere of convenience and specialization.

To make our service easy to use and convenient, we offer clients four easy ways to use our service, all designed to help truckers manage the bookkeeping and tax accounting side of trucking hassle-free.

1- The TruckersBooks Spreadsheet Bookkeeping Management System

Under this service system, you would purchase a copy of the TruckersBooks Software and sign up for bookkeeping support.

Once you have purchased the software, it is licensed to you/your company with your home-base province GST/HST tax rate set to allow the system to accurately calculate and prepare the Net-File ready GST/HST returns report included in the system.

Once the software is licensed, we send you an email with a link to download the software.  For more information go to truckersbooks on-line support.

At the end of each month, you can easily send a copy of your bookkeeping spreadsheet to your accountant or to us at Trucktax, if you have signed up for our bookkeeping support services, by simply clicking the Send-TTAX Link from any worksheet in the Program.

We process the business information and if applicable file your GST/HST return and send you a return filed confirmation report each quarter by email.

At the end of each quarter, a set of financial reports are prepared and we send you an email with the link to allow you to download the reports at your convenience.

2- The documents upload service system.

Under this documents upload service system, you would scan each document and save it as a pdf and upload it to us via our online secure upload web portal.


To make this segment of our service work well, we recommend that as you obtain invoices and receipts you should write on the document just what type of expense it is.  3-

3- The Envelope Service system  

This service level applies to the client who prefers to send us an envelope each month with copies of the business information for processing and GST/HST Tax reporting.

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