The Software is Customized for Owner Operator Truckers

No Prior Bookkeeping Experience required

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The system is customized to allow truckers to enter Incomes and Expenses in customized fields from invoices and receipts and have the system calculate the GST/HST paid.

The system was developed in Excel, this way, if you can enter numbers in a column or in an Excel spreadsheet you can use this customized for truckers bookkeeping system.

Simply enter your bookkeeping income and expenses from your invoices and receipts totals, and the system will do the bookkeeping processing, calculate the GST/HST paid or collected on incomes and create a set of financials reports and analysis including a GST-Net File ready report. This will allow truckers to easily send the bookkeeping information to accountants to do the tax filings, as Data and Reports, instead of business papers in envelopes and boxes.

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