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managing diesel fuel and meals receipts online will save you money and help reduce your tax payable

Cut your Bookkeeping Cost

Lower your Taxes

Say goodbye to Lost and - or - Faded Diesel Fuel and Meals expense receipts that are costing you valuable tax deductions.

Use the TruckersBooks online small receipts filing system, to File and Store your Diesel Fuel and Meals receipt expenses and maximize your tax deductions.

even if they have faded to blank

The small receipts you receive when you purchase diesel fuel or stop for a meal while on the road are hard to manage and store to keep them legible and tax deductible.

How much tax deductions do you think you lose because you lost the receipt, or the expense amount on the receipt faded causing you to lose the deduction?

This is an easy-to-use small receipt expense filing and data backup system.

Using your Smart phone, your tablet or your laptop computer while on the road, simply go to the small receipts management section on our website, select the type of small receipt you wish to capture data from and enter the receipt totals.

The system will send you a verification report of the receipt information you entered in detail and with summary totals.

Print this report when you have a chance, staple/attach it to the related receipts and file it away in your filing cabinets or file box. It's that easy!

This online system is a good way to create a report of small receipts expenses for your accountants.  believe me, they will welcome this approach to submitting these expense information for processing. 

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Important Note to Truckers

Truckers lose  a lot of qualified tax deductions due to faded and unreadable receipts.

For Canadian Truckers, they lose even more by not being able to claim the refundable GST/HST paid on these loss deduction receipts.

Keep in mind that this service is available to Canadian Truckers as well as US truckers.

In addition, you do not have to be a TruckersBooks client to use this service system, to stop the deduction losses due to lost or faded receipts.

Truckers can use this system from anywhere. No software to buy or install.

The system will send you a verification report after each filing.

If you plan to use this system on a regular basis, we can add your accountant/bookkeeper contact email to allow our system to send them a copy of the report automatically from each filing.

This way you will no longer have to send your accountant a bag full of the small receipts received when you purchase diesel fuel or meals, you will be sending them reports data instead of paper.

eliminate TAX deduction losses due to faded diesel fuel and meals receipts.

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