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Profit/Loss Report Canada/USA -                   Click to see sample report

Profit/Loss Report - Canadian Funds -         ► Click to view sample report

Operating Analysis Report                               ► Operating Analysis demo Report

■  Income per Kilometer/Mile

■  Operating Cost per Kilometer/Mile

■  Profit per Kilometer/Mile


 Menu of additional reports available on request


Month End Report for your Accountant -                       ► Click to view sample report

GST/HST Net-Filing Ready Report -                                ► Click to view sample report

GST/HST Paid Summary Report -                                    Click to view sample report

Estimated Self-Employment Tax (US Truckers)            ►  Sample Report View

Cash Flow Report -                                                          ► Click to view sample report

Audit Management Support Report -                              Click to view sample report

Driver Trip Report for IFTA Licensed Truckers                   ► Driver Trip Report for IFTA Reporting


Enhanced Financial Reports and Support  - Available on request


3rd Quarter tax planning Financial Report

This report is designed for tax planning purposes.

This will provide you with estimated pre-year-end potential tax payable information, to alert you to the potential tax payable come year-end.

On receiving this report, if there is a amount shown as potential tax payable, you can contact your year end accountant to discuss your tax shelter or tax reduction strategy. 

Tax Audit Management Report

It is a fact that your business and your tax returns will be selected at some time for audit by CRA. 

Our experience indicates that most audits are focused on GST/HST returns filed and ITC refunds claimed.

As a result, we have built into our bookkeeping system some unique information capture reports to allow these audits to become desk audits, by being able to supply detailed reports to meet the audit request for refund filed information verification, eliminating your need to interact with the auditor

               These Reports Include:

GST/HST Detailed Audit Summary

GST/HST-ITC earned by Expense Category

GST/HST paid audit ledger

Diesel Fuel Purchase Summary and Analysis

Fuel Purchased with GST/HST Out

Fuel Purchased with GST/HST paid

Fuel Purchased in the USA

GL Summary

Home office Expense with business % claimed report

Support Vehicle Expense with business % claimed report

Document and Data Processed Audit Report  -   Sample Report                 

 Year-end Accountant support Reports

This is a set of reports we provide to our bookkeeping service clients who have their own year-end tax accountant..

These reports are designed to provide these accountants or bookkeepers with the required year-end information data to be able to provide the required accounting and tax services without having to do any pre-tax preparation bookkeeping.


Cash Flow

Operating Analysis

GST/HST paid Ledger

Quarterly Summary

Annual Summary

Summary by Expense Category

GL Summary

Balance Sheet Information Report

Asset and CCA Management Report

WSIB report if applicable

Subcontractors Expense Details if applicable

Income Summary (Canadian/USA)

Diesel Fuel Purchase Summary (Canadian/USA)

Detail Truck Repairs report

Detail Truck Lease Report

Detailed Home-office Expense report

Auto Expense Report

Documents Processed Management report

This way, in the event of an audit, any or all of the following reports can be easily provided to you and/or the auditor to support the targeted audit areas of your business.

These reports are designed to simplify the audit process and potentially allow most audits to conclude as a desk audit with little or no participation on your part. 

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