Sample Report generated by the TruckersBooks Software for Truckers Using the system

Included in the TruckersBooks Software is a set of printer ready financial reports designed to make it easy for truckers using the software to know their operating results numbers on a monthly basis without having to call their accountant or bookkeeper for report support or preparation assistance.


No formatting or columns to total.     ■ All reports are printer ready

Profit/Loss Report Canada/USA -                        ► Click to see sample report

Profit/Loss Report - Canadian Funds -                Click to view sample report

Cash Flow Report -                                               Click to view sample report

Month End Report for your Accountant -               ► Click to view sample report

GST/HST Net-Filing Ready Report -                     ► Click to view sample report

GST/HST Paid Summary Report -                         Click to view sample report

Audit Management Support Report -                      Click to view sample report

Operating Analysis Report                                     ► Operating Analysis demo Report

Income per Kilometer/Mile

Operating Cost per Kilometer/Mile

Profit per Kilometer/Mile

(US Truckers) Estimated Self-Employment Tax      Sample Report View


NOTE to IFTA Licensed Truckers

Truckers with their own operating authority licensed under IFTA, will be able to  easily print the IFTA Summary reports from within the Software each month to easily do their own IFTA reporting compliance filings or simply print the reports and send to their IFTA service provider.

In addition, the system includes an easy to use worksheet to prepare your prorate licensing and registration numbers so as to correctly plate your truck based on an accurate percentage of kilometers or miles travel in each jurisdiction.

Click to view sample PRP-IRP Report 

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