Client Acquisition and Leads Generation Marketing and Promotion Seminar


 Event Summary information

Day -1  - Registration at 9am

Seminar start at 9.30am

We will work on and explore Leads Generation Marketing Outsourcing

We will also delve into Bookkeeping Outsourcing and how accountants can achieve safe confidential outsource and get privacy, and non-compete guarantees

Day - 2

We will address how a successful leads generation system works and how you can  customize one to fit your client base growth goal to drive the client acquisition process and bring high quality clients to the firm

Day - 3

  Lunch by the beach

The networking lunch on Saturday will be in Bathsheba by the sea, on the east cost of the island.  To get you to the lunch, we will provide the ground transportation to and back to your hotel, at no cost to you.

At the luncheon, we will talk about implementation back at your office and provide you with support information.  This way, if you need help we are just an email away.

You will leave with a FULL Implementation Guide Package, to allow you to implement your own system to cut your leads generation and client acquisition cost, take a good look at outsourcing your bookkeeping task and be positioned to drive more profits to the business bottom-line and have more freedom

For Attendees with departing flights back to your home destination on Saturday or Sunday, here are a few things you can do to heighten your Barbados experience.

Attend the Ostinís Friday Night Fish Fry

You can also click this the link below for:

what to do in Barbados

If you are a golfer, get a round in while you are here:

Barbados Golf Club, Located in Durants, Christ Church.

Rockley Golf & Country Club. Located in Rockley, Christ Church

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Ostinís Friday Night Fish Fry

Barbados Golf Club

Seminar in Barbados

OCT 18, 2018 to OCT 20, 2018

Seminar Fee:

$1,795.00 USD. Per Attendee

Accompanying people attending the seminar:  $ 897.50 USD Per person

Accompanying people not attending the seminar: $ 500.00 USD Per person


Ground Transportation

Hotel accommodation for seminar days

Breakfast and Lunch, beer and soft drinks for the seminar days

For more information and registration, Click here to Contact us by Email