Truckers Software Bookkeeping Training Seminar in Barbados










What you will learn  

How to easily take control of the Bookkeeping-side of your Trucking business and have professional financial reports without Bookkeeping Experience

How to CUT your Bookkeeping Service Cost and Save Money by easily doing your own Bookkeeping and create financial and Tax reports you can take to the Bank without Bookkeeping Experience

How to easily manage and safeguard the deductible expenses from small receipts that fades or get lost so as not to lose the tax deductions and GST/HST refunds associated with these expense receipts without any prior Bookkeeping Experience

How to work with your accountant or bookkeeper to keep your tax compliance reporting and year-end tax service fees low. without Bookkeeping Experience

How to send your accountant or bookkeeper your bookkeeping information as Data and professional reports instead of Paper in envelopes or boxes

  live hands-on session

Bring Your Laptop or Tablet. Copy of your Broker Statement or Driver Settlement or 1-2 income and expense invoices. 1-2 of the small receipts you receive when you purchase Diesel Fuel and Meals

In this session will show you how to cut tax deduction losses from faded or lost small receipts. How to convert your bookkeeping documents into meaningful financial and GST NetFile ready reports.


Knowing how to cut your bookkeeping service cost and save money. How to manage the paper documents to support a tax audit, as well as how to generate the tax reports needed by your tax accountant or bookkeeper

You will leave the seminar with a new way to look at your business and how-to to save money by cutting your bookkeeping cost without any loss in accuracy, data integrity of your bookkeeping numbers.

You will leave the seminar with a free licensed copy of the TruckersBooks Software installed on your laptop computer, with a working copy version that you used during the seminar and a ready to use master.

Who should attend  

Truckers who would like to cut their bookkeeping service cost to save money and looking for an easy way to learn how to take over the bookkeeping management process without having to have prior bookkeeping and software experience.

Truckers and their spouse or business partners interested in taking time out for a family getaway to attend a resort business seminar in Barbados to learn how to manage the business-side of trucking and get the family involved in the process.

To enhance your after seminar recreation opportunity we have negotiated a variety of discounts for you.

Hotel rate .Golf Green Fees and Cart
 at Two golf courses in Barbados

Complementary Transportation from and to
    the airport, to and from Seminars & Golf Course

THE hands-on training sessions

In this session we will walk you through the features of the TruckersBooks Bookkeeping management Software and allow you to enter live data into a licensed to you copy of the software to demonstrate how easy it is to use to professionally manage your bookkeeping and create financial and tax reports without Bookkeeping Experience

We will show you how to audit your Broker Statement using the broker statement audit feature in the software and demonstrate how to easily verify that your percentage of gross income, gross pay and driver settlement amount is correct without Bookkeeping Experience

How to make your Bookkeeping records Tax Audit ready so as to make your next tax audit hassle-free and stress free. without any Bookkeeping Experience


How to access your financial and tax reports

Profit/Loss Statement - (Canadian Funds)

Profit/Loss Statement - (US and Canadian Funds)

Cash Flow Report

Month End Accountants Report

GST/HST Net-Filing Ready Report

GST/HST Quarterly Net-Filing Ready Report


How to use the monthly GST/HST reports to create and file your GST/hst returns


How to access and use the Load Profit Report

The Income Per Kilometer/Per Mile

The Cost Per Kilometer/Per Mile

The Profit Per Kilometer/Per Mile

The Total Fuel Cost per Gallon/Liters


  Seminar location - Barbados


This seminar is a hands-on bookkeeping management training for truckers designed to provide the skills needed to do your own bookkeeping using truckersbooks software.

This seminar affords truckers the opportunity to take time out to spend quality time with the family while attending a bookkeeping training and skills development seminar in Barbados.


seminar fee:  $500.00 per attendee

spouse attendee: $250.00

3.5 Days of hands-on software bookkeeping training

  Includes: How to entry your data from all sources

    How to keep your source documents audit ready

    Month end data and reports management

    How to merge GST/HST data and file your return

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