what you will learn 

How to cut your bookkeeping service cost and save money, doing your  Bookkeeping data capture, without any Bookkeeping or software Experience and create meaningful financial reports without having to call your accountant or Bookkeeper.

How to capture your Bookkeeping incomes and expenses from all sources including Broker Statements and audit verify the accuracy of the driver settlement.

How to easily manage and safeguard the deductible expenses from small receipts that fades or get lost so as not to lose tax deductions and GST/HST refunds.

How to work with your accountant to keep your tax compliance and tax filings up to date and bookkeeping service fees low

How to send your accountant or bookkeeper your bookkeeping information as Data and professional reports instead of Paper in envelopes

  live hands-on session

Bring Your Laptop or Tablet, and a Copy of your Broker Statement or Driver Settlement or an income and expense invoices. One of the small receipts you receive when you purchase Diesel Fuel and Meals

In this session we will show you how to cut tax deduction losses from faded or lost small receipts. How to convert your bookkeeping documents into meaningful financial and GST NetFile ready reports.


You will leave the seminar with hands-on working knowledge of the Software and the confidence that you can do it and save money.

This way if you have purchased a copy of the software while at the seminar, you will be able to get started working from home or in your truck, doing your own bookkeeping.

You will take also away a new way to work with your accountant or bookkeeper, by being able to send the business information as data instead of paper to allow your accountant or bookkeeper to do the tax filings.


the seminar agenda

In this session we will show you how to save money doing your own bookkeeping so as to cut your bookkeeping service cost while easily preparing your documents for future audits. 

We will also show you how to generate professional financial reports and work with your accountant or bookkeeper so as to make Tax Time Hassle-Free.

The Business System Driver:

 TruckersBooks Software.

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► How to get started doing your own bookkeeping

► The Software approach - how to get up to speed

► The software bookkeeping process

► Managing your bookkeeping productivity

► How to manage the source documents

► How to save money capturing your data monthly

► How to Capture numbers from Broker Statements

► How to work with your operating analysis report

► How to save even more filing your own GST/HST

► How to generate year-end data for your accountant

► How to manage your records to be tax audit ready

How to Manage Your Next Tax Audit

► How to Challenge a Tax Audit Result Assessment

► When is going to Tax Court a Good Idea

► When to Hire a Lawyer to Resolve a Tax Assessment

► Retirement Planning

how to Eliminate Double Taxation  

reviewing your Financial Reports

The Profit/Loss Statement - (Canadian Funds)

The Profit/Loss Statement - (US/Canadian Funds)

►The Cash Flow Report

►The Accountants Report

The GST/HST Net-Filing System and Report

the operating analysis numbers

The Income Per Kilometer/Per Mile

The Cost Per Kilometer/Per Mile

The Profit Per Kilometer/Per Mile

The Total Fuel Cost per Gallon/Liters

  Seminar cities

 Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Barrie

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 By Email - By Phone: 905-477-7773

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Who should attend  

Truckers who would like to cut their bookkeeping service cost to save money and looking for an easy way to take charge of the bookkeeping-side of trucking and the source document processing management without any prior bookkeeping experience.

Owner-Operator Truckers operating under a corporation as a Broker Driver or as an independent trucker, that would like to review their current driver service provider system so as to minimize the potential for a CRA payroll tax audit that could bankrupt the business.


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