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Send from your Smart Phone using our Trucktax Easy Bookkeeping APP


How It Works



Benefits and Opportunities

This is ideal for sending business papers including small receipts such as:

  Meals and Diesel fuel for bookkeeping data capture and processing.

When you use one of our bookkeeping document management features, our system sends you a document received confirmation summary report, so you know we receive your business papers

Using your smart phone eliminates the potential for lost small receipts and the related tax deductions from operating expense information not included in your deductible expenses.

This feature allows you to easily send us your business papers, hassle-Free:.

Any day - Any time

    → From anywhere

365 days without the risk of your documents ever getting lost.

You will save money from lower bookkeeping fees and the opportunity to by eliminating your document preparation time and cost, as well as shipping or mailing expense

You will receiving quarterly financial reports delivered to your in-box that will allow you to always know your business operating results numbers, without having to call your accountant or bookkeeper.

Click to view sample reports

 Unique Audit management feature

In the event of an audit, we will have copies of your original documents and can provide the tax auditor or your accountant if applicable, with copies for data verification without you having to take time out from trucking, to find and send requested documents to the auditor or your accountant.

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