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Bookkeeping Service Start-up Procedures

Thank you for your interest in our Bookkeeping Services for Owner-Operators.

If you have decided to have us provide for your bookkeeping needs, please do the following.

Click this Start-Up Bus-Info Link. 

Complete the form to provide us with the information applicable to your business to allow us to setup your bookkeeping system.

After you have completed the Start-Up Bus-Info section, come back to this page, and click this link, Personal Tax Information form to provide us with your applicable personal tax filing information.

Click this Link and Complete the Personal Tax Information form

Once we have received all of the above service setup information, we will contact you to schedule a brief telephone meeting to review the information provided.

After our brief telephone meeting, we will send you a service start-up confirmation email, including will be the following pdf attachments:

Terms of Engagement

A copy of our standard "Terms of Engagement" for you to review, sign and fax back to confirm your acceptance and understanding of the services to be provided and our mutual responsibilities.

Authorization to Represent

Copy of the applicable Authorization to Represent form for you to sign and faxed back to us, to allow us to send to CRA as notification that we are your accountant representative for Tax Return and Tax matters relating to the periods of our engagement.

Bookkeeping Transactions Organizer

A copy of our start-up Bookkeeping Tax Organizer. This is designed to help new clients easily pull together, organize and send us all of the applicable business information documents to get started.

This Organizer is a simple checklist of what to send us to eliminate the potential for missed deductions due to overlooked expense.


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