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The Year-end Tax reporting Service System

Under our bookkeeping service for truckers system, we focus on providing truckers with the best cost effective bookkeeping service and systems in a convenient paperless environment that allows truckers to use our bookkeeping management system from anywhere, anytime.

Truckers using our service will purchase a copy of our customized for truckers software, TruckersBooks and enter their income and expense information each month and upload the data to us for bookkeeping process management and quarterly tax filings.

Built into the software is an accountant report that allows truckers to easily work with their accountant by being able to send them the bookkeeping information as data, instead of paper to do the tax filings and the year-end accounting.

This way, truckers will be able to cut their bookkeeping service cost and save money by having their accountant do the tax filings while we help them manage the bookkeeping and create tax filing ready data for their accountants to do the tax filings.

For Truckers using our paperless bookkeeping service that do not have an accountant or bookkeeper, we will have an accountants from our network located near their office or home base contact them to do the tax filings.

Directory of Accountants

This way, we do the bookkeeping and the GST/HST filings for truckers and let accountants and bookkeepers in our network provide the year-end tax services needed by our clients.

Simply put, we assign an accountant with professional designation from our directory network of accountants, that are located nearest to the client home-base location to handle the year-end procedures and tax returns for our existing and future clients.



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