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What is Tax Planning:

This is the process by which you inspect, plan and manage the timing of income, purchases and expenses so as to maximize the opportunity timing by being able to delay or fast track capital equipment purchases and other tax savings methods and advantages to legally minimize your tax payable.

for truckers with December year end, your best tax planning season for utilizing tax planning strategies to reduce your tax payable, is at the begining of your 3rd quarter.

However, even if you missed the tax planning window, if your books are behind, there is still a lot we can do to reduce your tax payable and bring you into on-time compliance with your tax filings, going forward.

Do It Now

We will bring your books up to date and create a set of professional financial reports and analysis to allow you to know your numbers and potential tax payable, before the tax filing deadline an provide tax saving recommendations and implement these into your tax return in time for the tax filing deadline.

Going forward, what to do

Start early so as to always know your numbers.

This means, getting your bookkeeping done monthly or at least quarterly.

This way, you will be able to know your business operating result numbers on a quarterly bases, from the financial result reports generated from the income and expense bookkeeping source documents information you provide.

This way, it will be easy to take advantage of available tax reduction strategies, long before tax time.

This type of proactive management of your business bookkeeping, will allow us to create a year-end tax planning financial projection at your business third quarter and provide the required tax consultation and strategy recommendations, as well as implement the tax strategies applicable to you and your business tax returns, to allow you to pay less taxes, or even pay Zero Tax.

Take action now.

The world of bookkeeping is changing. Paperless is the way to go.

Let us show you how.

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       you can also do your own bookkeeping and save money

You will be able to do your bookkeeping and tax planning using our Customized for Truckers Bookkeeping Software with as required Live Support available to help you master the process.

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