We turn Truckers Bookkeeping business Papers
into Data and Reports for Accountants that provide Bookkeeping and Tax services to Truckers

Accountants Step-1

Get the BPM-APP activation and registration password

Switch your truckers bookkeeping clients to use the BPM-APP to send their business papers, invoices and receipts as image files instead of paper to BPM for bookkeeping process management

Let BPM functioning as your undisclosed outsource bookkeeping back-office, send you the information from your truckers bookkeeping client, as bookkeeping and tax filing ready data and reports.




Accountants Bookkeeping Clients                   Step-2- Password Required to register the APP 

Step-1 - Download the APP                    With the Password from an Accountant


Step - 3

Click the Capture Picture link to Take

Pictures of Invoices, Receipts and Business Papers

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