truckers Bookkeeping Audit Support Reports


It is a fact that your business and tax returns will be selected at some time for AUDIT. 

Our experience indicates that most Audits of Canadian Truckers, are focused on verification of GST/HST returns filed and ITC refunds claimed.

As a result, we have built into our bookkeeping system some unique information data capture reports, to allow these audits to become desk audits, which will make the audit process and your experience hassle-free.

To meet the information required by the auditors, we provide them with detailed audit reports to meet the audit request for tax filed reports information verification.

This way, we eliminating your need to interact with the auditor and having to take time out from trucking to find the requested source documents and verify the numbers in the returns for the periods under audit.

               These Reports Include

GST/HST Detailed Audit Summary

GST/HST-ITC earned by Expense Category

GST/HST paid audit ledger

Diesel Fuel Purchase Summary and Analysis

Fuel Purchased with GST/HST Out

Fuel Purchased with GST/HST paid

Fuel Purchased in the USA

More as required including

Copies of invoices and receipts as pdf              

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