Tax Audit Support


The Process

At the end of each bookkeeping process month, upload the Truckers bookkeeping software workbook for bookkeeping processing and the creation of a set of operating result financial reports to allow you to always know your numbers without bookkeeping experience.

Next, to allow your Books and Tax filings to be always Tax audit ready, use the Toll-free fax assigned to send these copies of your business papers to us for document storage in your bookkeeping file to make it available to support your bookkeeping audits in the event an auditor request copies of invoices and receipt to support tax information filings.

Only send copies of all invoices and receipts valued at $200.00 and over.

This way, in the event of a bookkeeping audit document verification request, we will be able to send any all documents required, eliminating you having to experience the need to deep dive your files to retrieve documents and send to CRA auditor.

This audit support feature includes providing detailed GST returns if requested with supported GST tax rate proof of tax paid related to tax rate by province.

Note that month-end support for TruckersBooks software users is a monthly subscription service.  You can cancel anytime.

Monthly Subscription

$50.00 per month


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