How the Remote Data Entry Program work.

Opportunity to Work from home or any remote location of your choice.

No investment required.

All you need is a Tablet and a Computer or a Tablet and smartphone.

Getting started with us is easy.

Download the app to Register and submit your interest in joining the Remote Data Entry Support Team.

If your experience and aptitude matches our requirement, you will receive an invitation to participate in our orientation.

If the orientation result is good, the password to active your workflow data entry support account will be provided to allow you to get started with us.



You will be required to participate in a virtual orientation session.

We will assign a sample data entry project which we will send you as a pdf document as your data capture source document.

You will key the document information, save, and submit to us including checkmarks data capture verification of each record keyed/captured or with an “X” indication of info not captured.

The orientation is identical to the real workflow process, so if you have participated in the orientation and it was all good, you will be qualified to do the real thing and get assigned projects.

Orientation will include project pay rate and the pay matching to work done system and your preferred system for getting paid.

You will be paid weekly under a direct pay system, on the Monday of each active work week for the work done up to Friday of the previous week to allow your work to be data quality audited.





Registration requires some basic information for review.

This is a simple process. Just complete and submit the registration information.

The registration process includes submitting a brief “Overview of your experience with remote work, project management, time management, aptitude and remote worker commitment.

We also need information about your hands-on Data Entry Experience and aptitude for entering numbers at an average or better productivity level or keystrokes rate. 

Prior trucking industry hands-on data entry or bookkeeping and other direct trucking administrative experience will be an asset.

One of our hot-button suitability will be the potential for long-term support commitment potential that will be able to support our work flow and client base growth.

If accepted to join our team, you will receive a welcome letter and your login User-ID and password to allow us to assign work-to-do assignments and start sending you the data entry projects pdf to data capture and submit to us for quality and accuracy review and data quality verification.

You will be contacted after orientation with feedback.

Business Tools you require.

Tablet and a Smartphone, Or Tablet and a PC

Software: PDF reader available free to download


The Bottom-line

This is a long-term workflow process management program, so we cannot commit as to when we will get back to confirm when you will be selected for orientation.

However, when you are selected for orientation, it means we are ready to add you to the team and begin sending you work assignments

You will be assigned a remote data entry production manager

No phone calls please


Thank you for your interest.

Stay Safe.

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