The Broker Statement Manager includes a unique Audit feature that allows truckers to verify the accuracy of the pay settlement statement received from the Carrier the haul for including the direct deposit amount paid into their bank account.

This feature in the software, is a one-page Bookkeeping Data Capture system that allows Truckers to enter the income and deductions shown on the Carrier Supplied Broker Statement.

Truckers will simply copy the information from the carrier supplied broker statement and enter into the broker statement form in corresponding columns in the software and the system will audit the information and confirm accuracy including,  based on the agreed percentage of gross agreement show the pay settlement you should receive.

This way, truckers will have this information for quick view without bookkeeping experience and without having to ask an accountant/bookkeeper to do a pay accuracy verification calculation.

This will eliminate the need for owner-operators to contact their accountant to do the pay accuracy review on their behalf.

This is the easy way to manage your broker statement incomes and pay settlement.