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Bookkeeping Support

Without changing accountants

Under this bookkeeping management support system, we will provide a FREE copy of our customized for Truckers Bookkeeping Software, for you to use to capture the bookkeeping data from your paper documents from anywhere and use the upload link in the software, to send us the bookkeeping information to verify and merge into quarterly and year-end financial reports for your and your accountant.

We will review and merge the bookkeeping data and create a set of financial reports and send these direct to your email inbox at the end of each business quarter with a copy to your tax filing accountant.

This way, since your accountant will receive your bookkeeping business information as data instead of paper, you will reduce their bookkeeping service delivery time and cost, which means they will save money.

This also means you will save money, as most accountants will acknowledge the benefit and will not charge you a bookkeeping fee.

Instead, the fee they will decide to charge, will be centered in tax preparation and filings, since you will eliminate their need to process the documents you send them and instead receive processed bookkeeping data, instead of paper.

To support your bookkeeping data capture we created a structured support system to help manage the quality and integrity of the data created by the bookkeeping software, including the preparation of quarterly GST/HST tax filing ready reports.

Under this support bookkeeping service system, our fees are as follows:

A One-time account setup fee of $85.00 will apply, that include the first month bookkeeping service.

After the first bookkeeping month, we will provide monthly bookkeeping support services with quarterly operating financial result reports delivered to your inbox.

A monthly bookkeeping service fee of $70.00 per month per truck will apply

 Click here to visit the support information web page.

This service is ideal for truckers looking for an Easy-to-Use, Convenient, Low Cost Way, to take control of the bookkeeping-side of trucking, without bookkeeping experience.

This will allow truckers to easily manage their bookkeeping on-the-go and have email in-box access to quarterly financial reports, to know the numbers, without having to call your accountant or bookkeeper.

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