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Level - 2

 Bookkeeping Management

and Reporting

Without Changing Accountants

This Service is customized for truckers who already have an accountant but looking for a cost effective way to keep their books up to date and have monthly operating result financial reports to always know their numbers, without driving up their  accountant service delivery cost.

This service system eliminates the need for truckers to assemble, pack and ship their bookkeeping papers to their accountant.

Instead, our bookkeeping service delivery group will do the bookkeeping and provide them with bookkeeping reports for their accountant to provide their accountant with data and tax filing ready reports to do the year-end tax filings, instead of having to do bookkeeping papers to process.

Also, in the event of a tax audit, our bookkeeping team, can send the bookkeeping audit ready direct to truckers accountant, eliminating the need for truckers to take time our from trucking to find and deliver paper invoices or receipt to your accountant or the auditor.

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