Independent Software Sales agents connection

Earn $70.00 Commission

Selling TruckersBooks software to Truckers


The software is customized for truckers to make it easy for them to do their own bookkeeping and cut their bookkeeping service cost and save money, without the need for any prior bookkeeping or software experience.

The timing is right.  Truckers today are looking for ways to cut cost and save money.

TruckersBooks software offers them just that opportunity.  With this software they will be able keep their books and compliance tax filings up to date and tax audit ready without the need for any bookkeeping experience.

Selling the software is easy.

Introduce truckers to the software and send them the applicable More Information Link.

Canadian Truckers                             US Truckers

The link will give the trucker hands-on preview of the software. If they decide to Buy, they will simply click the Buy Now link on the demo page which will take them to the order form.

They will complete the order form and fax to our software purchasing department.
A sales processing manager will call them to confirm the order and provide the secure payment link to pay via
Interac e-Transfer or PayPal.

So contact-us and join TruckersBooks software sales agent team.

Work from your home or office.


A Telephone

A computer and Basic computer skills

An Email account

Internet access

click to go to referral Agent Sign-up  to register as an independent agent.

As soon as the signed agent agreement is received, we will send you your authorized sales and referral agent ID #

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