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        Send paper documents by mail/courier


At the end of your business month, place your Business Papers in a mailing OR shipping envelope and send by mail or courier to our Office in Barrie.

Always include a document sending cover sheet

Click to print a copy

  6-750 Big Bay Point, Suite 887.  Barrie, Ontario.  L4M 4S6.

 How it works

As business papers are received, they are scanned and saved to a customized Bookkeeping source document Imaged Data capture folder, set up for your company in our bookkeeping process management office.

After the source documents are captured, the originals are returned to the owner operator trucker, for storage

Audit Support

By create image files of your source documents, in the event of a tax audit, we can work with tax auditors and provide copies of documents requested for tax review verification without any involvement from you..

          Built in Hassle-free Audit Support at no additional cost 

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