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        document management

Managing your bookkeeping Document and related business papers is the best way to manage the tax audit process.

Tax auditors will go for the low hanging fruits in your business process management segment of your record keeping, assuming that your files will be in cabinets, in file folders and storage boxes.  Based on this assumption they will be selecting and requesting copies of invoices and receipts to support the expense claims in your tax filings, which in most circumstances this would be a time consuming task and depending how far back the period covered by the audit that information may not be easily available.

Here is works. At the end of each bookkeeping process month, you would include as part of your month end procedure, the document management process.

This will be  simply snapping picture images of your invoices and receipt and click send to upload them to us for file storage in your bookkeeping account.

In the event of an audit, you would simply send us the notice that you are being audited. This will alert us to get all relevant invoices and receipts with expense amounts $200.00 or more ready in the event the auditor request this information.

This way, you never have to take time out from doing what your do best to find and send requested copies of information to the auditor.

This area of an audit is the most time consuming and results in auditors being able to raise the most assessment and cost you the most tax and penalties.

Click the app image below to peruse the Doc manager app

This means never having to take time our to find and make copies for the auditor, and never having to do any deep diving to find and submit business papers requested. The requested information is uploaded to the auditor with a copy to you for your active audit files.


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