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Sending us YOUR BUSINESS information as paper INSTEAD OF DATA, FOR BOOKKEEPING process MANAGEMENT and reporting

This segment of our service is customized for truckers not yet ready to go paperless and need to send the bookkeeping information as original source documents as copies.

This group of truckers send us the business by Toll-Free fax. To get the fax number, complete the start-up info submit form and request that we send you the toll-free fax number.

If this applies to you, here is how to do it.

As you obtain receipts and invoices from your various service providers, if the document does not identify the type of expense, (i.e.: Diesel Fuel), note on the document the type of expense it is.

 you know what type of expense it is, so write it on the receipt.

This way when you send the document to us, we will know what type of expense it is at a glance and where in your bookkeeping chart-of-account classification it belongs.

This will make the financial reports we send you, more meaningful making it easy for you to always know your business operating result numbers.


Always include a copy of the document sending cover sheet

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