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simplify your  truckers bookkeeping & document management process with bpm paper-to-data bookkeeping process management services











This paper-to-data bookkeeping data system is designed to give accountants that receive the bookkeeping business documents from truckers  in envelopes, the opportunity to get tax ready bookkeeping reports instead of paper to process and having to do data entry

this way, accountants can focus their practice on providing tax reporting and consulting without having to do the required bookkeeping data entry & processing


Have your clients send the bookkeeping business papers direct to BPM bookkeeping processing using one of our secure upload document delivery system or mobile apps.

This way, you will eliminate the flow of bookkeeping papers in your office and the time and cost associated with the process

How it works

At the end of each of your clients bookkeeping process month, we send you a set of selected bookkeeping result reports including a pfd copy of the paper files received and processed.

This way you get to store the original source documents in a computer data file as a pdf, instead of in file cabinets.

This means, your truckers bookkeeping process will be paperless.

See reports demo.

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