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How it works!

Click the Image to get your copy of the software

This is a one-time tax deductible investment of $285.00

Getting started

When you buy the software, we register and setup the software to establish the copyright to identify you as a legal user of the software and allow all reports generate to show your company name as user.

This includes inserting tax numbers such as GST/HST and other tax filing numbers.

After licensing the software to you and your company, the software is uploaded to the email address you provide, ready for you to download.

Download the software and save it download to your PC computer or Laptop

After downloading, open the software, go to SETUP.

Edit your start working, month and date.

With that done, you are ready to begin entering your bookkeeping business information, including invoices and receipts into the applicable month worksheet into the applicable customized business expense categories and expense column.

At the end of each of your bookkeeping business month, click on the upload link at the top of the worksheet titled, SUPPORT UPLOAD and upload the workbook to us for bookkeeping data management and the creation of bookkeeping result reports.


You can also upload your bookkeeping worksheet using the alternative upload system. See the demo behind the link below.

Built into the software is a set of printer ready operating result financial reports, designed to allow you to select and print reports as required without formatting

However, to save printer and printing paper and time, you can use our support service to automate the delivery of required reports to your in-box. This way we will  print and upload requested reports to you at the end of each bookkeeping month.

As part of the month-end bookkeeping process, we merge your monthly bookkeeping workbooks and send you a quarter end operating result reports to make it easy for you manage the bookkeeping-side of trucking without bookkeeping experience.




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