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submit your bookkeeping business papers for bookkeeping processing with monthly reports delivered to your phone or tablet.

This will allow you to always know your operating result numbers and the bottom-line without any bookkeeping experience and without having to call an accountant

To use the upload system, your account information is required. CLICK the image below to setup account.





This document sending platform is customized for Truckers not using one of our bookkeeping manager APPs.

These users are truckers that prefer uploading their bookkeeping business papers direct to their bookkeeping account for bookkeeping processing and reporting.

Password required -  click to request a password


Browse the sending system options below, to select other  ways of sending bookkeeping documents for processing and reporting


Truckers and accountants can send us the bookkeeping business papers, broker statements, income invoices and expense invoices for bookkeeping process management and reporting using any fax machine. 

We provide a customized  secure toll-free fax-upload number that sends your document pages to us 



Take a picture of your bookkeeping business papers with your smart-phone or tablet. Click Upload to launch the secure upload link, CLICK ADD-FILES files to add your files to the document sending platform, add your email, your name or business name and click, send all files.

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