Join our truckers referral income bookkeeping app client acquisition team.

Register as a truckers mobile bookkeeping referral agent and earn $25.00 cash reward for each tucker you refer, that download the app from Truckers Mobile Bookkeeping APP, on the Google Play App store and become a Mobile Bookkeeping App client user

Each trucker you refer, when they register and activate their bookkeeping manager App, they earn a $17.00 cash discount off of the first month mobile bookkeeping manager fee.

By referring truckers to the bookkeeping app, they will as they become users, you will allow them to register and use the APP to keep their books and bookkeeping files, up to date and tax audit ready without bookkeeping experience.

As a referral agent, you would simply introduce truckers across Canada and the United States to the mobile bookkeeping manager app, to download and get started using their SMARTPHONE or TABLET to keep their books and tax filings up to date and tax audit ready, without bookkeeping experience and without having to call an accountant.

How to refer a trucker to the Bookkeeping APP

1- Connect with truckers, in person, by phone, social media, email or other

2.   Give them a brief overview about the App.

Offer to send/share a link for more information. If ok send a copy of the

image below, or this link:  https://www.truckersbookkeepingapp.com/:     

4.   Get their contact information

5.   Open the REFERRAL APP AND Register them as a qualified referrals if ok
This action will generate a referral code.  Send them the CODE
In your email let them know that they must use the code must enter the code during the registration to allow the system to authenticate and apply the $17.00 discount to the one-time discount.

unique benefits to Truckers.

The mobile bookkeeping app provides truckers with bookkeeping process management and a set of operating analysis financial reports delivered to their smartphone or tablet and the end of each bookkeeping process month.

These reports are customized to allow truckers to always know their numbers, without bookkeeping experience and without having to call and accountant.

How to connect with the Trucker after introducing them to the mobile bookkeeping App.

Send them an email confirmation and the App download link as promised to trigger, the Do It Now thought process.


Dear: Name of The Trucker You referred

Earn $17.00 discount off the first month bookkeeping fee of $85.00

Pay just $68.00 when you get started using your bookkeeping account

To qualify for the discount, when you register the app, add the
Referral agent code you received from the person that referred you to the Mobile Bookkeeping APP, into the code required section.

After you enter the code, the system will recognize you or your company as qualified for the discount and adjust your first month bookkeeping fee to $68.00 instead of $85.00 for the first month bookkeeping and monthly reports upload service. 


By interact E-Transfer.

Or other as required if compatible to our payment system


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