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A tax audit can be time consuming and can cause downtime from trucking as you try to pull all the information being requested, which means loss of income while you are busy finding and getting copies of receipts.

It is a fact that you will be audited at some time. However, when you received such a notice, do not delay get help immediately, don't go it alone.

The audit letter could state that a reply must be received in 15-days or sometimes they may give 30-days from the mailing date on the letter.

The information not included in the audit notice letter is the fact that if you fail to reply and provide the requested information within the time specified, they will raise an assessment based on an estimate, close the audit file and transfer the tax due assessment to their collections department and your nightmare will begin.

Potential problems include deducting the assessed amount from your bank.

Sure, a skilled accountant can file a notice of objection showing the true amount you owe or that you owe nothing. 

By then they have your money and good luck trying to get it settled and any overpayment, refunded within a reasonable time.


Donít delay, when you get such a notice act immediately.


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