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Truckers Tax Reporting

Services and Support



Tax Services are provided by experienced CPA Accountants in our network located near you. This way, we make tax time, hassle free, while making it easy and convenient for you to meet with the tax accountant handling the preparation of your business or personal tax return.

Our CPA Tax accountants will make your tax time tax preparation and filing experience hassle-free.


    the Year-end tax reporting management system 

To meet the tax filing needs of our bookkeeping clients, we created and continue build a network of accountants across Canada and the USA, located in cities close to the home base of our clients.

This way, for clients that do not currently have a tax filing accountant, we can connect them with and accountant from our network of accountants, located near their office or home-office to conveniently do the tax filings.

This way, if required, truckers will be able to easily meet with their tax filing accountant located close by, at a mutually convenient day and time.

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