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Truckers Tax Reporting

Services and catch-up Bookkeeping Support



Tax Reporting and filings are Managed by experienced Tax Accountants

To meet the tax compliance reporting and tax filing needs of long-distant located Owner Operator Truckers, we provide their required tax service needs in a paperless service delivery space, with easy to use tech-tools.

To meet the needs of truckers located outside Ontario, we created and continue to grow, a network of accountants located across Canada and the USA to provide tax services from an office location near the home base of the client. 

how to get started


     To provide your bookkeeping business account info and tax filing due dates


To provide the required T-1 Tax identification information and fax copies of the first four pages of your prior year tax return.                       


To use one or all of our customized business papers upload system tools.

These tools are designed to make it easy for bookkeeping clients to send us their bookkeeping and tax compliance, work to do information, and tax filing documents as data or images instead of paper.

When sending information, include a completed doc send cover sheet.


As soon as the bookkeeping and tax filing information is received, one of our bookkeeping account managers, will contact you to review the information and finalize the account set-up and service delivery process.


The above On-Line forms are available as pdf forms to be completed and submitted by Fax-upload or Desktop Upload by Truckers who prefer to submit information offline.

New clients can use the contact link below to request copies of required forms.


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