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Month-end software bookkeeping and reports, and extend the user benefits of the software by being able to go beyond monthly bookkeeping, to generating quarter reports and tax filing ready GST/HST reports or for US Truckers, Estimated Tax filing ready report.

 Here is How it work!

At the end of your bookkeeping month

Click the upload link on the month end report page in the software, and send us the bookkeeping software with the data entered for the month to merge and manage the data and the integrity.

We will merge the bookkeeping data and send you an updated bookkeeping system with the current data reviewed and merged with the data of the previous month, or months, merged to allow you to print quarterly financial reports and tax information without having to call your accountant or bookkeeper.

This way, you will always know your numbers:

For each bookkeeping month

For each consolidated bookkeeping period,

For each bookkeeping quarter

In addition, once we have merged the data of the previous month, we will license a new copy of the software with your new work month setup information and send you, which will eliminate the monthly software setup procedures.

This way, doing your own bookkeeping is simply, entering your business information into the customized fields in the software and view or print your financial reports.

At the business year end we will send you a year-end bookkeeping managed version copy of the software, with your data merged for the full business year, to allow you to view and print the operating result financials for the year as well as the tax filing ready

With this service, if requested by your accountant, you will be able to print and send a set of data verification reports from the menu of available customized reports in the software.

Just Select the required report and send to your accountant by email or by fax from anywhere.

     At the end of each bookkeeping quarter

    We will merge the data from your three bookkeeping months and send you a merged bookkeeping workbook for the quarter, to allow you to easily print your quarter end financial reports without having to call your accountant.


Month-end Data Merging and Tax filing support reports is an Optional support service, with a monthly fee of $50.00



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