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Software Bookkeeping Support and Services, SaaS, is designed to enhance and extend the user experience and benefits of the software, by being able to go beyond monthly bookkeeping, to providing Owner Operator Truckers with quarter reports and tax filing ready GST/HST.

 Here is How it work!

At the end of each bookkeeping month

Click the upload link at the top of the active bookkeeping month and send us the bookkeeping software workbook with the data entered for the month.

We will Process and merge the bookkeeping data and send to your phone an operating result financial report with a copy to your home-based PC or year-end tax accountant if applicable.

These reports are printer ready, easy to read, customized to make it easy for you to always know your numbers without accountant support.

     At the end of each bookkeeping quarter

    We will merge the data from your quarterly bookkeeping months, send you a quarter end report and applicable prepare and file your GST/HST return and send you a copy of the GST filed confirmation report.


At the business year-end

We send you and or your accountant a copy of the Tax prep ready GIFI report to support the  CorpTax T2, to make it easy for you or your accountant to prepare and file your corporation tax, hassle-free..

If you do not have a year-end tax accountant, we will have a Truckers Tax Accountant on our team, located near you, prepare and file the return.

Year-end accountant support

To support the year-end tax filing process for accountants on our team, we provide them with a set of tax filing management reports to minimizes the data support process in the event of a tax audit to support info in tax return.

Reports Include:


   Additional Support reports


Month-end support is optional

Data Merging, Tax compliance filings (GST/HST)reporting and bookkeeping audit support

a monthly support fee of $50.00 will apply






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