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How it Works 





►after you purchase the software

We register the software to identify you as a licensed user to make it easy for you to access FREE software support if required.

This way, when you print financial reports or send your bookkeeping information to your accountant, your GST/HST or USA, FID Number will identify your company and make it your year-end tax numbers.

After customization, we send you a link to download the software

Getting Started

After you download the software, make a copy and name it.

"Your Bookkeeping Master"

Do not add any data to the Master as you will be using this to create your monthly working copy, or copies.

Make a copy of the "Your Bookkeeping Master" and name it:

"Your working copy Month-1".

Name this Your January Books, if January is the first month you will begin entering your software bookkeeping data.

Next, edit the Business Rules-Setup Page to add or edit the following:

The Work Month.    The Business Year end

With that done, you are now ready to start entering your bookkeeping business information.

from broker statements

from invoices

from receipts

from all other applicable sources.



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