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The Service drivers behind the Software

The user features of the service are on an Excel platform with a detailed Owner Operator Chart-of-Accounts that allows truckers to enter expense amounts from invoices and receipts into similar expense-labeled columns.

Using the service system

Since truckers already know the type of expense from invoices and expense receipts received, that means they can easily associate the information with the appropriate business expense worksheet column.

This means they can easily enter the expense amounts into the related worksheet categories associated with all the business expenses incurred, by visually looking at the invoice source document. This way, they will simply select the business information category from the information selection and click the chart-of-account sidebar and allow the system to take them to the applicable expense column.

Alternatively, if they prefer, they can scroll the worksheet, select the expense category column, enter the amount from the document and save the information.

No columns totaling required. Just enter the required information and when done, save your entry.


At the end of each bookkeeping month, click the upload link in any worksheet to send the workbook to TruckersBooks for bookkeeping processing. Keep in mind that built into the software is a system that creates a monthly P&L created to allow you to always know your operating result numbers.

At the end of each bookkeeping quarter, a quarter-end we send an operating result financial report to your email address to make it easy for you to always know your numbers.

In addition, if you have subscribed to the monthly support feature, we will prepare and file your quarterly GST/HST return to CRA and send to your email a copy of the return filed confirmation


The software is always being improved and upgraded and subscribers will get to download the latest version on a monthly basis at no upgrade fee.

This means that truckers who subscribe to the monthly software subscription service will never have to worry about missing new software enhancements.

Monthly Subscription

$50.00 per month

Include Year-end Accountants tax filings report for your accountant



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