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How It Works


Easy as - 1-2-3


     1- Click Add Files

This will pop-up a files-select Box on your computer to allow you to select the file-or-files you scanned and saved to your desk-top ready to send.

Select the file you saved and click OPEN

The system will place the file-or-files into the drag Files box.

2- Add your email address

Include a message in the message box if you need to

Enter your Name or Business Name

3- Click the SEND ALL FILES link



Instead of placing your business documents in a file cabinet or folder to be sent to us at a later date, simply save documents to your desktop and upload.

It is that easy to use our scan document service.


Save document you wish to send us as a pdf file to your desktop.

Repeat the upload process, selecting the pdf files from your desktop and select attach and the system will place the files in the attach files box.

It is that simple to use the upload system to have us provide for your bookkeeping and tax compliance management needs.


This will allow you to set-up your bookkeeping manager account