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Once you have register the APP to your devise, you are ready to start using your Smart-Phone to capture your business incomes and expense information and submit them to us to get your first bookkeeping month business papers and information processed and have us send you your first month opening operating financial report and cost analysis.

Next, as time permit, as soon as possible, please click the Get-Started link below to use the online form to send us the business information needed to create the bookkeeping and tax manager database.

If preferred you can submit the information offline using the link/image below. Simply click the link print and complete the business form and send us by fax or email.

With your bookkeeping ledger and database created, your bookkeeping management folders are ready to receive and process your bookkeeping information.

You should start sending your FIRST Month Invoices, Receipts and other related Business Papers to us, to allow us to process and send you the operating result profit-loss report for your first APP bookkeeping month.

 Click here to visit the video gallery for a user demo



Your bookkeeping will be done monthly as information is received

You will receive monthly operating results financial reports.

This way, you will always know your business numbers

At Tax Time, you will be able to easily send your accountant your bookkeeping information to do the tax filings, as data and tax filing ready reports, instead of paper to process.

  Doing this will cut your bookkeeping cost and save you money.

Under our APP user bookkeeping service, you will have access to our customized for truckers spreadsheet bookkeeping system.

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