The App is a product

Developed for truckers to allow them to use their phone to manage the bookkeeping business papers and eliminate the paper management challenges they face, trucking on the go, by providing them with an easy way to manage the bookkeeping business papers while eliminating the potential loss of tax deductions from lost and faded invoices and receipts.

This way, no more paper storage envelopes needed to manage, no need to sort and catalogue business papers after a trip and at the end of the bookkeeping month, having to pack and ship the information to an accountant or bookkeeper.



The app is also a bookkeeping process management engine:

Built into the APP is a robust mobile bookkeeping management service system, that functions as the undisclosed back-office for truckers that uses the business papers uploaded from their phone, to keep the bookkeeping and the quarterly tax filings, up to date, and year-end tax filing ready, without any action from truckers, beyond using the app to snap or scan and upload pictures of their business papers.



Audit Support and document management

The service support features in the app, includes a Tax audit management system that keeps the business tax audit ready.  Under this tax audit readiness feature, the snap and submit images are stored in an image audit electronic vault that allows us to retrieve copies of all files submitted by truckers for easy tax filed audit verification.

This information when requested, is delivery to phone of truckers and/or to tax auditors.


The Uniqueness of the APP

As part of the undisclosed back-office support feature, at the end of each of the trucker bookkeeping process month, a set of operating result financial reports are uploaded to the phone or tablet of truckers using the app, to allow them to always know their profit-loss and operating result analysis numbers, without any bookkeeping experience, and without having to call an accountant.

the bottom-line

The opportunity for truckers to cut their bookkeeping service cost and save money, without having to buy any bookkeeping software and without bookkeeping experience.


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