The app is a bookkeeping service, customized for truckers to allow them to use their phone or tablet to take pictures of their invoices, receipts and business papers, from anywhere and click the submit link to send the picture images to our bookkeeping management department for processing and reports,

The App is an easy to use, will allow truckers to manage their bookkeeping and tax filings without bookkeeping experience or bookkeeping software.

The app is customized to allows truckers to keep their bookkeeping up to date and tax audit ready, by simply snapping or scanning pictures of their bookkeeping business papers and click the upload link in the software to send the information for bookkeeping processing.

This way, at the end of each bookkeeping process month, the service system in the software, creates a set of easy to read meaningful operating result financial reports, including a quick read P&L and place them in the download access folder with a download link emailed to truckers to download one or all reports in their download access file.

This way, Truckers using this mobile bookkeeping app, will always know their operating result numbers without bookkeeping experience and without having to call an accountant.

The app is also a tax compliance manager.

Built into the APP is a tax compliance management system, that will prepare and file the required Canadian (GST/HST) tax and prepare and provide US Truckers with a ready to file quarterly self-employment tax report.

Audit Support and document management

The service support features in the app, includes a Tax Audit Management system that keeps the bookkeeping files and information tax audit ready, to simplify the audit process in the event of a tax audit.

getting started

Download the App

register for a bookkeeping Account

When you sign-up for an account, the App will allow the system to create the a bookkeeping management account.

Next.  Get started taking pictures of your bookkeeping business papers, invoices and receipts and click the send link to upload the files and images for bookkeeping processing and the opportunity to get monthly financial reports.



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