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TruckersBooks announces the Launch of a set of customized for truckers, Mobile Bookkeeping Manager APPs, designed to make it easy for truckers to manage the business papers and tax deductible business expenses invoices and receipts, while on the go, from anywhere, anytime using their smart phone.

Without bookkeeping experience and without having to call an accountant

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These Bookkeeping Manager APPs, also provide truckers with a set of support document delivery tools, to easily manage the bookkeeping business papers delivery submit process, from their office, home base or home office.

To access these tools as required, click the support business tools link below to use and peruse, some of the best ways to manage the business papers and have the system deliver quarterly operating financial reports, to your e-mail in-box.

This way, you will know your operating result numbers, without having to call your accountant, while eliminating the potential for lost receipts and loss tax deductions.

Support Business Tools

Stop the madness of sending your important bookkeeping business papers to your accountants or bookkeeper by mail or courier.

Eliminate the associated time and cost and save money. 

Start today using your smart phone and the Truckers Bookkeeping manager APP, and support tools as required, to deliver your important business papers to your accountants as data instead of paper.





  News Release


Truckers APP is Changing How Truckers Manage the Bookkeeping Side of Trucking

Barrie Ontario, Canada.  Nov 5, 2018

TruckersBooks today, announced the launch of a customized for truckers, bookkeeping manager APP, that will give truckers the opportunity to use their smart phone devise, to manage their bookkeeping business papers on-the-go, without bookkeeping experience.

88% or more truckers today, own and use their smart phone or tablet on-the-go, to source backhaul loads, access the internet and stay in touch with their carrier management team.

Truckers with a smart phone, can use the APP to manage the bookkeeping process and source documents, which will cut their bookkeeping service cost and increase profits.

Truckers Bookkeeping APP is an easy to use bookkeeping source manager APP, customized for truckers to make it easy for them to convert their business invoices and receipts from paper to data and have Profit-(Loss) financial result reports delivered to their email inbox.

Truckers bookkeeping APP will simplify and reduce the bookkeeping paperwork and allow truckers to always know their business numbers, without having to call their accountant.

Truckers APP is also customized to allow accountants to cut their truckers bookkeeping client service delivery cost, by having their clients, use the APP to capture their invoices and receipts and send their accountants data and tax filing ready reports, instead of paper

 About TruckersBooks

In business for over 20 years, providing bookkeeping and tax services to truckers. 

In 2017 the company took all that they know about providing bookkeeping services to truckers and decided to customize an APP that would reduce the bookkeeping paperwork for truckers and make it easy for them to stay in compliance with tax filings On-the-GO.

With the APP development and testing completed in 2018, the APPs are now available free for download by Truckers and Accountants that provide bookkeeping service to Truckers.


WHY are truckers leaving the numbers up to their accountants

It is time for truckers to get involved in the bookkeeping-side of trucking which is the driver to the business and start using technology and the customized for truckers business tools in the industry that will give them business-side of trucking management and profit power. 

Too many Truckers still run their business by stuffing all of their business documents into an envelope or shoe box and send it to a bookkeeper or accountant across town or across the country to have the information processed into bookkeeping data and create the required financial reports to handle the applicable tax compliance filings.

With today's available technology and the availability of customized software, truckers should step-up to the plate and become engaged managers and owner-operators of a trucking business, instead of seeing themselves as a trucker.

It is a fact that trucking for the owner operator trucker is no walk in the park business or profession.

Most truckers begin the day at 2am-3am each day to get loaded and on the road to their first delivery trip for the day.  The same trucker is required to manage a flood of paperwork including trip reports, driver logs and other carrier specific paperwork.

So we know that.  However, truckers will note that the carriers they haul for have embraced the use of technology and truckers should do the same.  It is not ever going to go away.

In the area of bookkeeping management, there are easy-to use customized for truckers bookkeeping management systems available today that will allow truckers to use down-time and waiting time to update their bookkeeping information from anywhere using a laptop computer or Smart-phone. 

It is time for truckers to stop the madness.

Get involved in the business of trucking Know your numbers

Know how much profit you are making each month

Know your monthly Cash Flow numbers

Know your profit per load numbers.  If your are independent or hauling back-hauls.

     It is good to know the numbers before you backup to the loading dock.

You need to know if the loads you haul are profitable or are they costing you money

Stop the packaging and shipping of bookkeeping information to service providers what if the documents got lost and you are audited.  The tax department will not consider the lost document as a reason to give you a pass for an audit they have scheduled where you are unable to provide proof in the form of copies of original source documents.

Here is the big one to consider.  What if the bookkeeper died. It is possible.  Accidents, heart attacks and any number of other things can happen.  Although we hope they never do, but that we also know is naivety. The only way for you to always have control over your original source documents, is to never send them to an outside bookkeeper or accountant.

Send them data instead of paper, or send them copies.

The next step however is, how to keep the originals save and audit ready. Get involved with Cloud Server document storage, that will have a copy of your original source document and allow you to easily access and print copies of any document stored in the cloud at any time, without having to call your accountant or bookkeeper.

Keep in mind that the auditors are coming.  That is a fact and they are currently conducting a higher number of audits on truckers that on other small business companies. 

The reason!  They have developed the idea that truckers do not normally have easy to audit files and records, so to easily raise a good size assessment truckers are good pigeons.

It is time for truckers to get involved in the process and change the way they work with and interact with their bookkeeping and tax service providers. Begin now sending your bookkeeper or accountant data instead of paper.  They will love that and will charge you less for their services.

The interesting thing about embracing the bookkeeping technology is the fact that it will allow you to send your bookkeeping and tax services provider data instead of paper, which they will enjoy and prefer which will motivate them to charge you less for their services.

In addition, to take being in control of the bookkeeping side of trucking to the next level, start using your computer to know your numbers. There are easy-to-use software in the market that will help you do this.  This way, you could have your bookkeeping management system on your laptop computer in the truck with you as well as on your home computer if they are different.

The bottom-line!  All of the tools that will help you take control of the management of the bookkeeping-side of trucking are tax deductible. 

So join the trucking take control of the business-side of trucking revolution, get to really know your bookkeeping-side of trucking numbers and drive more profits you business bottom-line. 

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