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Use your smart phone to take pictures of your invoices, receipts, broker statements, income invoices and simply click send.

When you click send, the copies of the business papers you copied will go direct to your bookkeeping management files at TruckersBooks.

As your business papers are received, your assigned account manager will review the information and approve the preparation of your operating result Profit/Loss statement for delivery direct to your email inbox.

This will allow you to always know your numbers.

You will also save money by reducing your bookkeeping service fees.

At tax time, if you already have a year-end tax filing accountant, you will be able to simply send them your books as operating result bookkeeping reports data, instead of papers to process.

This app will make it easy for truckers to manage the bookkeeping source documents and create tax audit ready files and information, to support your next tax audit just a phone call away, without any bookkeeping experience.

Truckers using our APP, will cut their bookkeeping service cost and the personal time related to document preparation and the sending process time required to package, ship and mail/ship your business papers an accountant.

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