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Bookkeeping Management News

For Owner Operator Truckers




Do it Yourself with your SmartPhone


Cut your Bookkeeping Service Cost, Save Time, Save Money, Drive More Profits to the Bottom-line and always know your numbers

No Bookkeeping Experience Required

This way, you will take control of the bookkeeping and tax compliance filing process, the management of the source documents and the opportunity to be in charge of your tax filing deadlines and payments if any.

You will save money and create more profits for the business at the bottom-line.

Smartphone technology today is being customized to allow truckers to manage the bookkeeping side of trucking from their phone.

This approach to managing the bookkeeping-side of trucking by truckers, provides them with bookkeeping result reports on their phone that allow them to always know their operating result numbers.

If you are an owner operator trucker today, you can do this, without any bookkeeping experience and without having to call your accountant.





Accountants are usually very busy providing their clients with high-end accounting and tax services. 

As a result, they welcome the opportunity to providing tax services to clients that can provide them with the bookkeeping numbers as data and reports, instead of paper to process and data enter, to generate meaningful bookkeeping and tax filing information.

Doing your own bookkeeping will ensure that all expenses will be accounted for in your books and doing the bookkeeping yourself will allow you to keep your books and bookkeeping files up to date, organized and tax compliance filing and tax audit ready, which will allow your accountant to focus on doing the tax filings.

However, accountants will tell you, that providing bookkeeping and tax services to truckers is extremely challenging and time consuming, which requires that they charge a hire accounting service fee to truckers.

The Bottom-line!

test drive our customized for truckers mobile bookkeeping manage app Today,

available on Google.  click the APP image below

Download the APP today and take a test drive, see how easy it is to use and register to start saving money.

Click the image below to view the how it works demo