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WHY We Switch From Software as a Service (SaaS)

To Mobile Apps as a Service (AaaS)?

To make it easy for truckers keep their books up to date without bookkeeping software.

We know from our over 25 years experience providing bookkeeping and tax services to truckers, that truckers cannot drive and keep their business papers and their books up to date, so with good intention, they are sold the idea of purchase bookkeeping software.

Using any bookkeeping software requires someone to do some form of data entry, so the software purchase becomes an added business expense and bookkeeping task to do.

For an owner operator that means having to spend weekends or other available time doing the required data entry, trying to keep the bookkeeping business papers organized and the data entry up to data which takes away the opportunity to spend quality time with their family.

As with business papers, they will usually store/file them in a storage box with the plan to organize and enter them later, which is their good intention.

However, for majority of singleton truckers, it never happens which results in they not getting around to doing the required bookkeeping with the result being that the bookkeeping task required to keep their books and compliance tax filings fall behind.

A quick survey of singleton owner operator truckers, you will find that they have one-to-two years or more of delinquent tax filings, this means, if the auditor called for a look-see, they would incur a large tax payable liability.

They would have lost significant tax deductions designed to lower their tax payable due to lost and faded receipts from in pocket and envelopes paper storage.

However, some truckers that have not fallen for the idea of using bookkeeping software to do their own bookkeeping, usually assemble the business papers and send to an accountant or bookkeeper to do the bookkeeping. 

For this group, this is good.  However, this comes with other challenges.

The other challenges they face.

Accountants and bookkeepers today are reluctant to take on Truckers as clients unless they can provide them with a spreadsheet of the business transactions.  Again, that is the same thing as doing their own bookkeeping data entry. 

As a result, most accountants, and bookkeepers, insist that their truckers bookkeeping client’s signup and use one of the popularized bookkeeping software, which by the way, lacks the expense details needed in the chart-of-account and will not come customized for truckers, as  these software are usually designed for small or medium side businesses requiring truckers to tailor their data entry to fit the software, depriving them of critical operating analysis data

How to fix all that.

What truckers need is a mobile bookkeeping management system that allows them to use their smartphone to send the bookkeeping business papers for bookkeeping process management to their accountants or bookkeeper and get a monthly P&L and related operating result analysis reports on their phone, to allow them to always know their numbers at a glance, without any bookkeeping data entry or bookkeeping software experience.

Knowing this, in 2016 we set out on a mission to go paperless and use technology to customize an easy-to-use mobile bookkeeping APP to provide truckers with a data entry free bookkeeping system that would allow them to use their smartphone to keep their books, the bookkeeping files and quarterly tax filings, HST (Canada) and USA Estimated Tax filings, up to date and position their business to be always tax audit ready.


We launched the first version of the mobile bookkeeping APP for truckers with one truck in 2018, including a documents manager version of the APP for truckers with 2-5 trucks.

For a quick perusal of the apps, go to www.truckersbooksonline.com

You can read more about the app for truckers with one truck at: https://www.truckersbooks.ca/truckersAppaboutit2.htm